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About Us


I am Taylor Thomas, for most of my initial clients you know me as a local and national news anchor.  What you may not know is that I wear a size 11 in shoes. It’s not something that I talk about or for the most part as an adult that people really notice. For me, my shoe size has always been embarrassing. TV or print ads do not show women wearing size 10 or 11’s, it’s the smaller sizes.  I do not remember wearing anything other than a 10 and now an 11. I remember as a teen hating to go shoe shopping because shoes in my size were designed for elderly women and/or with wide feet and I was neither. I spent years avoid wearing tennis shoes and sandals because of the styles available. In my Senior year, I found two stores that started having shoes that were age-appropriate and somewhat stylish.  I would buy every color they had in a shoe that fit me because stores only cared 1 of my size so if I wasn’t first in, I wouldn’t be able to find shoes that I liked. Those stores no longer exist.Today with so many brick and mortar stores closing I see the need now more than ever to make sure no one goes through what I went through as a teen and in some cases still do now as an adult. This has long since been a dream of mine dating back to when I graduated from college.  The time is now and the need is greater than ever.   I am really excited to bring unique, trendy, stylish, and comfortable shoes to women and young girls who have larger size feet like me who have struggled to find shoes that reflect their style and personality at any given time. I hand select and sample every shoe that we sell. I wear the shoes that I feature and sell online. I hope these shoes make you as happy as it makes me to bring these fashions to you.

Taylor Thomas, Owner